Christmas Safety

Last fall my parents got a kitten, so they figured it was best to not put up a Christmas tree. I made one from scratch last year that was kitten-proof. This fall my parents again got a kitten, Jazpurr (yes, we went with the alternative spelling because he’s just a jazzy purr pants!). He just so happens to be the world’s cutest kitten. World's Cutest Kitten

So again we had to figure out how to tackle the Christmas tree situation. We figured we would go for a real tree because it may be less toxic if they ate it than an artificial tree. We also thought it would be too dense and prickly that the cats would leave it alone.

Oh how wrong we were.

Within 30 minutes of putting the tree up Jazpurr was in the tree chewing on branches.

When he came out he smelled like Christmas and was covered in sap.

So this led me to think, how do you keep cats safe around Christmas?

Artificial tree vs. Real tree

If your cat is determined to eat the tree, neither one is totally safe.

Real trees are mildly toxic and could potentially puncture the intestines if a lot of needles are ingested (most cats don’t actually ingest a large quantity of tree needles). Another concern is the water the tree stands in-it can grow bacteria that can cause diarrhea. Tree water sometimes has additives in it to keep the tree fresh, which could be toxic to cats. If you opt for the real tree be sure to keep the tree water covered.

With artificial trees you don’t have to worry about water or intestinal puncturing, but that doesn’t mean they are a better option. The tree material can contain toxins and are not digestible.

As a general rule if your cat is eating anything that isn’t something a cat should be eating, there is potential for complications. A lot of cats can keep their mouths off of the actual tree, but other things at Christmas can be more of a concern than the Christmas tree itself.

Working at a vet’s office I have never heard of cats having intestinal punctures from eating real trees, but that doesn’t mean that it never happens. Most cats don’t ingest enough tree material for it to cause any major problems.

Basically if your cat can’t be trusted make sure they are supervised while around the tree.

Common Christmas cat hazards

Tinsel: Just say no. Cats can’t seem to resist and nobody want a trip to the emergency vet over the holiday because your kitty ate a bunch of tinsel. It can get caught in their intestines and cause a blockage, which is an emergency.

Mistletoe and Holly: Both are toxic to cats so avoiding them around the holiday season is a good idea.

Lights: Chewing on the lights on the tree can cause kitty to get an electrical burn. If your cat has a history of chewing on cords I would suggest that your kitty only gets supervised time around the Christmas tree.


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Help Maya get of the cover of Modern Cat Magazine!

I entered my beautiful baby into a cover photo contest with Modern Cat magazine. You can vote every 12 hours and all you have to do is click the link and then click “vote for me”. Pretty simple. She’s got a lot of catching up to do so let’s help her catch up!

Click here to vote!

Beautiful Girl

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On Hiatus

I have been working almost full-time on top of taking Organic Chemistry, which is why I haven’t been updating.

However, I will come back in the near future.

So for now, here is my parents’ cats making sweet kitten love. Yes they are both boys.

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Lazy Sunday

My family says it’s not what it looks like…

I have been working so much lately, making people triple soy caramel macchiatos with whipped cream, sugar-free vanilla, extra caramel drizzle, and cinnamon sprinkles on top. I’ve been doing that in mornings and cleaning up monstrous runny dog dumps at night.

I quit Starbucks though and got a job in a vet clinic, which I thought would never happen. I can walk to work at this clinic too. Things are looking up. This is the first Sunday in a really long time that I’ve had off. I’m spending it with a black cat cuddling with me.


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Dog Shaming

I have never had a dog before-only cats, so naturally I compare everything dogs to to cats. And my goodness. 

I work in a kennel now and I mainly take care of dogs. It is going to be a big adjustment. I got a real introduction to dogs last night. The routine involves taking the dog outside so it can run around and go to the bathroom while I go back inside and clean out he cage. One dog I had to ask for assistance with because it was taking me forever to even get it outside and it kept jumping and nipping at me. After working with this dog a while and finally finishing the room I realized I smelled something that just wasn’t right. 

I looked down and that dog that had been giving me a hard time had puked up what looked like a weeks worth of food, complete with poop it had just eaten. 

I have just never experienced dog puke before. I think it would take a cat puking about 8 times to even compare to this mess. It was slimy too. 

Cats are so sophisticated. 

At the end of the night the last dog to deal with was a mastiff, which made me nervous at first but it was the sweetest and most well behaved dog I have ever met. 

Anyway, all of that just got me thinking about what a huge adjustment it would be to switch from having a cat to a dog. 

I found a blog last night called “Dog Shaming” and let me say, it is a great idea. It’s just funny to see all the crazy things dogs do to their owners, but we love them anyway. 

Check it out:

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New Apartment

I just got internet again. I moved apartments and it took a little while to get internet. I say a little while by American standards…it took my sister in England about 2 months to get her internet hooked up.

Maya has turned into a completely different cat since she moved in with me. She is now an only cat and she tells me everyday how much she doesn’t miss those stinky boys. She hated the boy cats my parents have. 

I have been waking up at 5 in the morning a lot because I have a job at Starbucks and Maya just follows me around and headbutts me. She just looks at me and her eyes say, “You’re just the most wonderful mother.”

Anyway, youtube videos of cats are always good so here you go:

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

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Photographing a Black Cat



Photographing a black cat isn’t easy. Maya usually just ends up looking like a one dimensional black spot on the photograph. She absorbs all light and energy. I am starting to understand why black cats don’t get adopted as often. Don’t get me wrong, Maya is a big sweetie. She is just hard to see sometimes.

One time I walked around the house looking for her and couldn’t seem to find her. So I decided to just sit down in our black lounge chair to eat my breakfast only to discover that I was about to sit on Maya. It is a little frightening to suddenly realize there is an animal in your seat.

Anyway, I was excited to get my new camera because I figured I could finally take a picture of Maya where she actually shows up.


These photos were going so well I figured I might as well get a quick one of Harris, who is a great cat model. Needless to say, he is adorable.


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