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How to tell if your pet has fleas

So it’s actually pretty simple to tell if your animal has fleas. First, they can have fleas and you may never see a flea because they don’t actually live on the animal’s body. Fleas only jump on the animal for a meal.

Push your animals fur in the opposite direction from the way it grows so you can see the skin. Do this is a few different places, but the best place to look is near the base of their tail on their back. If you see what looks like black dandruff, or black specks, your pet has fleas. The black specks are flea poop. If you want, you can put some of the specks on a wet paper towel which will turn the specks red (because it has blood in it).

So now what do you do? Avoid buying flea products from the  pet store because, to put it simply, they don’t work. For cats my favorite flea product is Revolution. It is topical and absorbs through the skin on the back of the neck. I like Revolution because it doesn’t leave a sticky spot on your cats neck for a few days like other topical flea products. It costs about $20 per dose and you use 1 dose per month. Use for a minimum of 3 months to go through the compete life cycle of the fleas. If you have a cat who goes outdoors then year-round prevention is recommended.

***Please consider buying these products from your local veterinarian and not from large online pharmacies. Local businesses need your business to stay around. Buy local***


Revolution also is a heartworm preventative for both cats and dogs.

After you use a flea product the fleas won’t die immediately, but rather your cat is now a walking insecticide. So any new flea that bites that cat will no be able to reproduce and will die.

Flea life cycle

This image of the flea life cycle is from Capstar, which is a pill that you give to your pet that will kill adult fleas within 30 minutes. It is a great thing to use to start treating a flea infestation, but will have to be followed up with a prevents flea eggs from hatching. (Revolution and Capstar are only available from veterinarians or with a prescription from a veterinarian).

Any animal who goes outside will probably pick up fleas pretty quickly. Even indoor-only cats can get fleas, but I wouldn’t recommend getting a prevention unless you see evidence of a flea infestation.

***Drug companies will honor their product if there are any issues with it only if you buy them from your veterinarian, but not if you buy them from an online pharmacy. Another reason to buy local***

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Dog Shaming

I have never had a dog before-only cats, so naturally I compare everything dogs to to cats. And my goodness. 

I work in a kennel now and I mainly take care of dogs. It is going to be a big adjustment. I got a real introduction to dogs last night. The routine involves taking the dog outside so it can run around and go to the bathroom while I go back inside and clean out he cage. One dog I had to ask for assistance with because it was taking me forever to even get it outside and it kept jumping and nipping at me. After working with this dog a while and finally finishing the room I realized I smelled something that just wasn’t right. 

I looked down and that dog that had been giving me a hard time had puked up what looked like a weeks worth of food, complete with poop it had just eaten. 

I have just never experienced dog puke before. I think it would take a cat puking about 8 times to even compare to this mess. It was slimy too. 

Cats are so sophisticated. 

At the end of the night the last dog to deal with was a mastiff, which made me nervous at first but it was the sweetest and most well behaved dog I have ever met. 

Anyway, all of that just got me thinking about what a huge adjustment it would be to switch from having a cat to a dog. 

I found a blog last night called “Dog Shaming” and let me say, it is a great idea. It’s just funny to see all the crazy things dogs do to their owners, but we love them anyway. 

Check it out:


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Obstacle Course

So graduating college isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’m going through surges of pessimism (there’s always someone out there who has more experience than me) and optimism (although no one seems to be hiring, jobs are always opening up due to unseen circumstances). You have to wonder how the education system in the United States has gotten to the point that recent college graduates are fighting for the minimum wage jobs that don’t even require a degree. I’ve submitted 14 applications (that I can count off the top of my head and that’s not including to any veterinary clinics) in the past two weeks for minimum wage, no educational requirement jobs. I have called a lot of these places only to hear, “If we are interested we’ll call you”. 

I’ve been spending my days driving around Dayton looking for veterinary clinics and dropping off resumes. I’ve dropped off about 13 resumes at different clinics (again, off the top of my head- I’m probably forgetting some. I have had an interview at one and got a second interview so I’m really hoping that it works out. 

It is just frustrating because I need to work in a vet clinic in order to apply for vet school. I also just need a job in general so I can pay for my life. I’m applying to more than just veterinary clinics but it gets difficult when even fast food restaurants are turning down people with bachelors degrees. 

I just want to save the kitties, and maybe the doggies too. 



Boo, my cat who went to kitty heaven last year, is my inspiration to continue doing everything I can to make it to vet school. The bond that can happen between humans and animals is one of the most extraordinary parts of life and I want to do anything I can to help preserve that bond between people and their animals.



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I think this is what my cat Maya would think if she saw my petfinder.com history….


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We did it!

Carbon Monoxide gassing was officially banned in Athens County yesterday.

It was a long six months but because of all the hard work people put into the campaign, the commissioners finally listened to us. 

They hesitantly agreed to dismantle the chamber, but whether or not that will actually happen may still be up to debate. Big thanks to Les Cornwell for offering to pay out of his own pocket for the dismantling of the chamber. 


We did it!


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My sister is a “pugist”

I’ve been having the urge to get a dog lately. I have never had a dog before, but I feel like if I am going to go to vet school it would be in my best interest to be familiar with handling dogs beforehand. So I was thinking that I could adopt an older dog so that it could find a home and I could learn how to handle, and love, a dog.

Growing up I hated dogs. My only experience with them involved going over to other peoples houses and getting either jumped on or barked. On top of that my nose (the “super smeller”) was always offended by dogs. People would always say that if you bathe them they don’t smell so bad-but I disagree. Everything about a dog smells bad to me (even still). But that is something I am willing to work on.

Anyway, I have reevaluated my opinion on dogs but I still have never had a dog friend. I like a lot of different dog breeds but lately I have been partial to pugs. Don’t ask me why. Maybe because they are so ugly that they are cute. So I have been searching petfinder.com for pugs that are up for adoption at local shelters. I should have sites like petfinder and siameserescue.org blocked on my computer because I always find an animal on there that I really want and can’t have. I know I will need to wait to get a dog, and maybe a long time, but I still want one.

I posted a link on facebook to Mylo the Super Sweet Pug that I found on petfinder. These are the comments on it:

  • Sara:  Ugly

  • Me: Sara, you and (boyfriend) are just pugist.

  • Sara: Ha ha ha pugist. Yes, yes I am. That thing is hideous. Besides, it’s a dog so that means it smells too.
    Sara’s status after: “My sister just called me “pugist” because I said pugs are hideous dogs and she shouldn’t get one. Anyway, as I always say, why get a dog when you can get a cat?”


Anyway, I don’t think Maya would like a pug friend.


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Dear Athens County Commissioners

They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I believe that you can. There are so many other counties and entire states that choose not to use carbon monoxide for euthanasia purposes. They use euthanasia by injection (EBI) with sodium pentobarbital. This is the preferred method by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians and the National Animal Control Association.  These other counties and states use EBI even for aggressive dogs without regards to price. Money should not be the issue here-just because something is cheaper doesn’t make it right.

Aggressive animals do not only exist in Athens County yet these other counties and states figure out a way to humanely euthanize them. I am yet to hear a very logical reason for the Athens County Dog Shelter to continue using the gas chamber.

On top of that, the policy of adopting out animals who are not spayed or neutered only adds to the problem of euthanasia numbers in Athens County. Although I hear it is in the adoption contract that the animal must be spayed or neutered, everyone knows that people don’t always do it. Where do you think all the unwanted puppies end up? Probably back at the Dog Shelter and eventually euthanized. That costs the shelter money and the life of an animal. You have to stop this. Increase the adoption fee to cover the cost of the spaying and neutering, if that is what it takes. That is something that I believe must be changed-and the sooner the better.

I think the people in charge are afraid of change. We aren’t. And we aren’t going to give up. It may be a long fight but we will not give up until the demands of the people of Athens County are met. It’s not too late to learn a new trick. Change. We just hope that you can embrace this change with us and continue to work with the citizens for a better shelter.

In the words of our president, “We know the battle ahead will be long, but always remember that no matter what obstacles stand in our way, nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change.” We may not be millions, but we still have a voice, and Yes. We. Can.


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