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Product Spotlight: Cats Map of the World

I have a love for maps. I could stare at a world map for an hour and not get bored.

And of course we all know I love cats, so combine the maps and the cats and you have a winner.

This is available on Etsy, and all the information about it is there as well.


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Buy my Photos on Etsy!


I am now selling my animal photography prints on Etsy! Take a look; here’s the link:


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Cat Scarf

I ordered Maya a fall scarf on Etsy a couple of weeks ago. It is so cute! My sister thought I was insane for ordering my cat a scarf, but I actually did it so I would have a photograph I could use for my photography class. Since there aren’t many restrictions on what we shoot this year…you’ve guessed it. I’m turning in pictures of cats every week.


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